EMI dumps DRM – my reaction

[intro]It's something i've been waiting to happen for months, and it's finally here. So why do I feel let down?[/intro] So it happened. No, not the

So it happened. No, not the horrific murder of the remaining Beatles, but the removal of DRM from EMI’s download catalogue.

While I think it’s a good start, I still feel let down. The increase in quality alongside the ditched copy protection is great, don’t get me wrong, but we could’ve been offered lossless files. 256kbps AAC is the very lowest I would consider encoding a track, and to be offered this as a ‘premium’ option is a bit half-hearted.

Also the fact that we have to pay more for them is just crazy; downloads are over-priced as it is. When you can pick up a CD version of an album in a supermarket for £8, what’s the incentive to download when it’s gonna cost you more cash?

There's one more thing that also keeps being forgotten; it's not just iTunes that'll have the tracks DRM-free. In fact, 7digital is trumping Apple's store by offering The Good, The Bad & The Queen's record at 320kbps for the same price as before, right as I type. Now that's more like it.

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