Eee PC 701 getting a facelift

Forget all this “ultimate” and “pro fashion” gubbins for one darn minute. The Eee PC that started it all, the 701 (well, it wa

The chaps at Electronista have unearthed snaps of a refined model with sharper edges, a new trackpad and a repositioned logo. So far, so vanilla.

The good news, however, is that alongside the 4GB SSD version, it looks like we’ll be getting a 30GB HDD version. Now that’s the kind of news we like. Rumour has it that the Celeron chip will also be replaced by the Atom currently found in the 901 and 1000 series.

Expect this, along with the much–hyped S101 and S91 Eee PCs, to arrive some time in September.