Eee Box – new pics reveal swanky colours

We’ve been getting somewhat overexcited here at Stuff Towers at the thought of the new Asus Eee Box.And a few weeks after we first caught sight

And a few weeks after we first caught sight of it, it’s emerged that there’ll be black and pink versions sitting alongside the standard issue white model.

Obviously you’ll find the same goodies inside, with a hard drive up to 250GB, 2Gb of RAM and an Intel Atom processor. But if you want to jazz your room up, may we suggest you snaffle one of the more colourful puppies?

The Eee Box is due in the next couple of months, hopefully with the recently spotted Eee Stick bundled. As soon as Asus drop one on our desks, we’ll unbox it and bring you a full review too. So keep ‘em peeled chaps.


Assu Eee Box

Price: TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: Asus