Edgy luxury BlackBerry 9900 prototype glimpsed

Could this be a new look luxury line for RIM?

A CrackBerry forum member has found images of an unknown BlackBerry device on Chinese site MaxPDA.

The mystery BlackBerry bears a strong resemblance to the Bold 9900, in layout at least, while MaxPDA claims it is a BlackBerry 9980. With wide, indented keys and a very angular style, it's certainly a surprising departure from the BlackBerrys we're familiar with. The large "PROCEEDING" label above the screen is also unusual – denoting a prototype, perhaps?

Engadget spoke to the Beijing-based source, who claims he has sold three of the prototype devices and also that it will be officially going on sale in a limited quantity after having a luxury "diamond" makeover.

What do you think? Would you be interested in an edgier BlackBerry?


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