Ecler Evo 5 DJ mixer review

Ecler is renowned on the pro DJ circuit for its quality mixers, and the Evo 5 (yours for £1600) is its latest baby. With the days of "two turntables a

The Evo 5 packs one mic channel, four stereo channels and a powerful, programmable effects section into what is generally a very solid unit. Its star turn, however, is its Firewire interface, which allows digital DJs to hook it up to computer-based DJ software such as Ableton Live and Traktor Scratch.

Used in this way, the knobs and faders can be set to control the software, while audio is fed in high quality, in real-time, down a single Firewire cable into the stereo mixer channels, from where it can be manipulated just as if it were an incoming analogue signal. This is not an "either/or" scenario - there's no reason why you couldn't combine computer-based DJing with a pair of CD decks, turntables or live instruments.

So, on paper it's a winner, but how does it fare in practice? Roll VT...