Echostar HDS-600RS brings Sling and Freesat together

Echostar kills two birds with one stone and rewards itself with this gleaming trophy of a set-top box

We’ve always liked Sling boxes and the injection of Freesat goodness inside them is a welcome step. The Echostar SlingLoaded HDS-600RS will let you watch and manage live and recorded TV wherever you are (including iOS and Android devices). A 500GB HD allows storage of 100 hours of HD video and the standard ability to pause rewind and record is also present. Because it’s Freesat we’re talking about, all of these features add up to our favourite price: free.

The Echostar Slingloaded HDS-600RS will be available from April 1st and you can jet off your pre-orders from the 23rd March for £350.


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