Echoer brings hyper-local socialising to iOS

Want to see what people in your immediate vicinity think about life, the universe and everything? This is the app for you

Echoer – the app which lets you see the thoughts and musings of other in your vicinity – is up and running in the UK now.

Available in Canada since its beta release in February, Echoer lets iOS users see the most relevant and popular thoughts of those using the app nearby – on a multitude of topics such as the quality of local bars, gigs and events.

A handy map lets you see surrounding 'echoes' which you can then click on to see a live infographic of all the echoes in a particular location. Echoes which have been upvoted appear more prominent than others.

If you fancy joining in on this 'hyper-local Twitter' then head on over here, download the app, and take it for a spin.

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