eBay to open bricks and mortar Christmas shop

We've been promised tons of tech, no queues and QR code hi-jinks

High street shops are bending over backwards to develop apps and get us spending more online but here's something that caught our plastic-happy eyes – an online-only retailer trying it the old fashioned way. eBay is gearing up for its first, five day Christmas Boutique – an actual real-life shop on Dean Street in Soho, London that will sell toys, gifts and electronics. Actually, hold up – aren't they all the same thing?

Whatever you buy – from DVDs and games to LCD TVs in "The Den" to all sorts of girly stuff somewhere else – you'll have to scan the QR codes of the products to pay for anything. So it's a good job that eBay's shop will be opening its doors from 1st - 5th December – no bags means waiting for the delivery of that made-to-measure electric helicopter. Not one for panic buyers. 

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