eBay Now service offers same day delivery

Deliveries within an hour may soon render going to the shops irrelevant

eBay is currently testing out a same-day delivery service which could see local shops rendered near redundant and Amazon on the back foot.

The service is being tested out in the San Francisco area via the eBay Now iPhone app which will allow users to have same day delivery for items bought from local shops. Amazon already offers a similar service in select cities but eBay, in Beta, is taking US$15 off the first order and offers free delivery for the first three. After that it’s a US$5 charge (during Beta) and deliveries will arrive within the hour.

So if this makes it to the UK, and charging is around the US$5 (£3.20) mark, will you be prepared to pay that over driving to the shops? With petrol prices as high as they are we certainly will.

[Via CNET]

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