eBay launches Watch with eBay iPad app for an alternative shopping experience

eBay wants you to shop while you watch TV for a different kind of retail experience

If targeted advertising is a huge pain in your backside, or similarly, you're not too fond of Apple's Genius recommendations, then eBay's newest venture – Watch With eBay – isn't going to float your boat.

In a bid to encourage you to spend more dollar on things you don't need, eBay's Watch With eBay app for the iPad allows you to browse (in real time) and purchase products related to the show you're watching on your gogglebox.

There's no magic involved – it'll be able to decipher what you're watching thanks to its ability to sync with local programming schedules. All the viewer needs to do is tap the programme they're watching for access to the products that bear some kind or relation to the show being watched.

Its other features include the ability to browse your most recently watched shows and bid on items – there's even a feature to "shop like your favourite celebrity", which essentially means viewing and purchasing products recommended by a bunch of A-listers.

It is thought eBay will eventually take this one step further, by providing access to products actually used in the shows, which would no doubt come as a godsend to those who find themselves wondering where they can get that cool gadget or suave suit featured in their favourite show.

With companies spending huge amounts of money on product placements in TV shows, eBay is simply providing a direct channel for us to buy these products without ever having to leave the sofa. Warning: using this app may require a bit of self-restraint.

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