EA will launch games for Microsoft's Project Natal and Sony's PS3 Wand in early 2010

EA will launch titles for the Microsoft Project Natal Xbox 360 motion-sensitive gaming add-on and Sony's version PS3 Wand in early 2010. The move was

The move was confirmed by EA's big boss John Riccitiello during a call with financial bods. The firm is planning to support both PS3 Wand and Microsoft's Project Natal.

Sony and Microsoft are both keeping schtum about release dates for their motion-sensitive controllers. However, EA spilling the beans confirms that Microsoft is looking to release Natal in late 2010 with PS3 Wand coming early in Spring 2010.

Will Natal or PS3 Wand win you over from waving around a Wiimote? Let us know below or hit the forums to debate with other gamers.

(via Eurogamer)