E3 2011 – what to expect

The world's biggest gaming show starts tomorrow. Here's what we're calling Los Angeles' finest this week

A new Wii

The Nintendo Wii has been around since 2006, and its days of market dominance are well behind it – both the PS3 and Xbox 360 now feature superior motion-sensing tech, and the Wii's standard-def graphics are looking as dated as a top hat at a dubstep night. So it's time for a new console from the big N, dubbed Project Cafe. HD graphics are a dead cert, and there are rumours of a touchscreen tablet-style controller. We'll know soon enough.

Sony tries AGAIN with the PSP

The PSP has been relaunched more times than Cliff Richard's pop career – and yet it has never had its Mistletoe and Wine moment. Perhaps the upcoming Sony NGP/PS Vita will prove a hit and save Sony's blushes in the handheld market? The full scoop, plus a price and launch date, should be revealed at E3.

Classic franchises reborn

The well-loved likes of Tomb Raider, Battlefield, Max Payne, Zelda and Soul Calibur are all coming back in new and "re-imagined" forms. While we're all for originality here at Stuff, seeing how developers have updated these classic series is something we're awaiting with baited breath. There are even rumblings that a full remake of the original Halo will be announced.

Xbox 720

With the Xbox 360 now six years young, it might be time for Microsoft to give us our first glimpse of its successor. On the other hand, with Kinect having ensured the 360 is still going strong, there's no need to rush things: the big M might well want to hold back for another year.

Some surprises… hopefully

Sequels like Gears of War 3, Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 are all well and good, but we already know loads about them. Hopefully E3 2011 will turn up some original titles with inventive gameplay – the games that'll be spawning their own long-awaited sequels in a few years' time.