E3 2011 headliners – Shooter and Action

The hottest bullet-slinging titles shown off at E3 2011

The hottest bullet-slinging titles shown off at E3 2011...

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3/Xbox 360/PC)

The Xbox 360 conference opened with a live demo of MW3 in which a Delta Force team (of which you play a member) plant mines on a Russian sub, force it to surface in a stunning warship-strewn New York Harbour then clear it of "tangoes" before launching a load of missiles and escaping in a speedboat while stuff explodes all over the place. It's looking like Modern Warfare all over: huge, Michael Bay-esque set pieces punctuated by corridor shooting sessions.

Battlefield 3 (PS3/Xbox 360/PC)

"Wow" is the first thing that came into our brain when we saw the live gameplay demo of EA's great white hope for knocking Modern Warfare off its perch. Battlefield 3 brings war to life in a scarily realistic way, and the tank assault on an Iranian anti-aircraft base looked like something you might see on CNN – except you're the one blowing everything to smithereens. And with fully destructible environments, you really can blow everything to smithereens. Might be coming to Wii U as well.

Starfox 64 3D (3DS)

Four-player action in real 3D, coming in September 2011. It even films your face as you're shooting your friends out of the air – letting them fume at your gloating.

Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360)

Epic's Cliff Bleszinski teamed up with Ice T to demo the co-op campaign mode at the Xbox 360 conference. It looks very much like the last two games, but huger: the tentacled sea monster the Gears took on during the demo was by far the biggest baddie yet faced in the series. And Ice T's reuniting Bodycount to do a song about Horde mode!

Halo Anniversary and Halo 4 (Xbox 360)

Halo Anniversary is an HD remake of the original Halo: Combat Evolved, including both the single and multiplayer elements – and a co-op mode. You'll be able to download it over Xbox Live. Halo 4 (coming in 2012) was merely teased with a trailer, but the Master Chief is clearly back – and apparently it's the first of a new trilogy.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier (PS3/Xbox 360/PC)

The Xbox conference saw this game demoed with Kinect: not only can you shoot using gestures, but you can configure weapons (millions of possibilities are available) using the GunSmith mode, which offers proper Minority Report-style gestures and voice controls.

BioShock Infinite (PS3/Xbox 360/PC)

The first two BioShock games were set in a city at the bottom of the ocean – the third takes place in Columbia, a floating city high in the sky. BioShock Infinite looks all set to offer the winning mix of compelling story, atmospheric visuals, sense of place and "approach things in different ways" gameplay that made its predecessors so brilliant.


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