E3 2009: PS3 Motion Control coming spring 2010

Sony has followed Microsoft out of the motion control blocks, unveiling a new Motion Control device which should be in active gamers' hands from sprin

The new controller acts in conjunction with the PS 3 Eye add–on, and packs a glowing ball on top which the Eye can track across the room. That apparently makes for better precision, so you'll be able to do a raft of gaming activities while hopping about your room.

Sony says Motion Control will offer "3D pointing", so you can fire guns and weapons with accuracy, as well as use it as a bat or ball (sounds familiar, no?).

The Big S used their press conference to show off Motion Control building virtual worlds too, which like Xbox's Mylo seems a bizarre yet intriguing proposition.

We're off to get some hands on time, but while you wait, take a look at our pics of the new PSP Go in action.