E3 2009: The growing gap between console generations

This year's E3 has been the battle of the Wii-inspired motion controllers. And, according to one industry analyst, the arrival of these new controller

And, according to one industry analyst, the arrival of these new controllers could extend the shelf live of the current batch of consoles.

Usually by this stage in the console life cycle there would be rumours about a new generation, but so far nothing but silence. That's great news since this generation of consoles still has a lot to offer.

Downloadable content is really only just starting to take off. The new motion controllers will expand the variety of games to play and the high-definition visuals of the PS3 and X360 still feel fresh.

And if the current generation of consoles keeps offering new and exciting experiences, there's little incentive to shell out for the next step up in the technology food chain. After all the PlayStation 2 is still doing well despite the lack of attention it gets these days.

Even the Wii, which uses much the same technology as the old Gamecube, seems to have life left in it despite the ageing specs.

So it seems like we'll still be playing on the PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 for several years yet. But how long do you think these consoles should last?