E3 2008 – Microsoft keynote highlights

As promised last night the news nuggets from Microsoft's keynote are flowing in and forming a big juicy update pudding with added screenshot sau

Those of you who just have to coordinate your controllers with your curtains (you know who you are) will finally get what they've always wanted with brand new bright red and green (above) 360 pads. Ideal if you've just hired a hyperactive toddler with an endless supply of Skittles as your interior designer.

Finally, games news that grabbed the headlines came from new footage of Gears of War 2 – and thank Marcus Fenix it looks more awesome than an awesome sandwich with awesome sauce. Sony fanboys were also left sobbing into their UMD disc slots after it was announced that Final Fantasy XIII would be coming to the 360. Looks like it's Microsoft 2 - Sony 0 so far, but we'll be watching the Sony keynote closely to see what it can pull out of the bag. Stay tuned.