E3 2008 - God of War III gets shown, PS3 Video Store goes live

Sony's E3 conference went by with rather less than a bang last night as a relatively quiet round of manufacturor press conferences for E3 2008 drew to

Biggest news for our Stateside cousins, however, was the launch of the PS3 Video Store, which will be live across the pond, well, right about now. It's got films and TV shows to rent or buy in either standard- or hi-def from Sony, Fox, MGM, Lionsgate, Warner, Disney and Paramount with the option to pass flicks to your PSP to watch on the move. Nice. No word on when it'll be coming to the UK, but it took Microsoft what we think is known in the business as 'bloody ages' to bring its Video Marketplace across the pond so don't hold your breath; you'll do yourself a mischief.Finally Sony has decided to yoink the 40GB PS3 out from under the Yanks come September. That'll leave them with just the 80GB model, but at the same price as the 40GB one. Sounds like a good deal to us. How about sharing the love with us limeys, Sony?