Dyson Hot hands on

Who puts their hands on a fan heater? We do (and safely)

Dyson came to Stuff Towers to give us an exclusive peek of its new Dyson Hot bladeless fan heater before launch. Having been a big fan (arf) of the Air Multipliers, we were blown away (arf arf) with it.

It has all the how-the-hell intrigue and most of the power of the mid-sized AMs, but with the added benefit of bathing you in a thermostat-controlled, pillowy jet of warmth. I tried it from cold, and within seconds it was up to an impressive heat.

The man from Dyson demoed its auto shut-off feature by enthusiastically slamming it against the tabletop. Not a dent, nor a scratch. It's made from ABS, the same stuff used in the construction of Dyson's vacuums and car bumpers, and though it looks like an art installation, it is intended to survive family life.

Like the AMs, it's far from silent at full power, but it's thrum isn't offensive. Plus there's a neat touch to make up for it: its remote snaps into place on top magnetically in a very satisfying fashion.

If it works as well in an icy drawing room as it did in our air-conditioned office – and if physics has anything to do with it, it should – we reckon it could rank with cups of cocoa and a hot water bottles for instant winter comfort.


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