Duracell myGrid wireless charger puts an end to tangles

Duracell may be generally better known for its batteries, but the company has just announced the myGrid wireless charger, part of its side step into w

The myGrid charger allows you to charge multiple mobile devices, such as phones and MP3 players, by simply attaching a Power Sleeve or Power Clip, and putting them on to the grid for wireless charging.

The charger comes with plenty of connectors that should see you able to charge whatever you device have, from an iPhone to Motorola.

Part of the Smart Power Initiative that takes Duracell "beyond the battery", we'll see other such battery-less devices coming from the company in coming months, including the Pocket Charger for boosting the juice on your mobile when it's running low.

The Duracell myGrid will be available in October, but we haven't got a price as yet.

We'll keep you updated with anything we hear, and be sure to let us know what you think about Duracell's movement into the non-battery territory.

Via: Phone Magazine