Duke Nukem Forever Demo blasting in next month

The Duke is set to return to our screens next month at last. Assuming he’s not delayed. Again

One of the longest, most painful waits in gaming history is about to draw to an end as the demo for Duke Nukem Forever is set to hit on the 3rd of June. No, really – cross our hearts and hope to die, stick a needle in our eyes. Actually, we won’t go as far as heart crossing and eye stabbing just yet, because given the game’s shockingly delay-riddled history we’re not entirely confident gambling our vision. Still, we’re honour-bound to feed you the details, so here they are. The demo will be available initially to those gamers who have purchased the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition or who have pre-ordered DNF. Emails should be sent out shortly so that you can specify which platform you would like to take the foul-mouthed womanising gunslinger for a spin on. If anything short of a cataclysmic destruction of our planet causes a delay, then so help us, there will be hell to pay.


Gaming Greats – Duke Nukem 3D