DSi update brings Facebook, blocks pirates

That DSi update announced at E3 that'll bring Facebook to your handheld has finally arrived in Japan – but it also comes packing some anti-pirac

The R4-type device, based on the R4 cart developed for the original DS, allows you to play downloaded, pirated games on the DS for free.

However the new update is set to now make this impossible, and the DSTTi, Hyper R4i, ak2i, R4 Ui, R4i Gold and EZ Vi cartridges will all be useless if the DSi is updated to the latest version.

It certainly seems Nintendo is determined to put the reign of the R4 devices to bed – last year it joined forces with 53 other companies to take legal action against the R4 manufacturers, and now it seems Nintendo is attacking DSi cartridges by making shady gamers choose between Facebook on their handheld or pirated games.

Luckily, UK gamers won't have to make such a choice just yet as the update isn't expected on these shores until sometime in the autumn.

Is Facebook a big enough draw to make gamers give up their cartridges, and will you be updating? Let us know below.

Via: ElectricPig