Dropbox Android app gets automatic photo and video uploads

Download this update and you'll need to think carefully before taking that next naughty photo

Dropbox, one of Stuff's essential smartphone apps, has beefed up its Android offering with a new automatic photo and video feature.

Similar to Photo Stream on Apple's iOS 5, it means any Android users who download the update can snap away without worrying about schlepping home every night to back everything up to a computer – Dropbox will automatically do it for you via Wi-Fi or 3G.

All your photos and footage will be stored in one place in the Dropbox cloud whether you've uploaded via the desktop or smartphone app. Plus Dropbox is giving away 3GB of storage if you get in quick and try it out.

An iOS app is apparently in the works but we've got a sneaky suspicon Cupertino might not be too happy about Dropbox muscling in on their white and floaty iCloud turf. Then again, stranger things have happened.

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