The House of Lords wants drone owners to be put on a register

It's unlikely to put people off moving to your area though

Drone owners may have to be part of of an online register, if the House of Lords EU Committee gets its way. 

Fortunately for casual users, only businesses and professional users would be required to sign up initially. But eventually, all owners would need to be registered.

Why create an online register, you ask? The Committee says the main reason would be to help authorities to manage drone traffic and to avoid any potential accidents. But it also laid out other recommendations, including a more extensive use of geo-fencing. This would limit the areas drones in which could take off, land, or enter, based on their GPS co-ordinates. So you wouldn't be able to fly a McDonald's in to a friend in prison, for example.

The EU Committee also said how it wanted there to be clearer guidelines for police, the use of kite marks to denote which drones have been deemed safe to fly, and more guidance to commercial users about what insurance they need.

While drone use has been relatively safe up to now, committee chairwoman Baroness O'Cathain said: "We have a huge opportunity to make Europe a world leader in drone technology, but there's also a risk. It would just take one disastrous accident to destroy public confidence and set the whole industry back. So, we need to find ways to manage and keep track of drone traffic".

Drone laws in the UK are reasonably lax at present, but that seems set to change. Enjoy the skies while you can, quadcopter pilots.

[Source: BBC]