Driving for free is about to become a reality

Tesla is bringing the world's first electric car charging infrastructure to the globe, signposting a free fuel future

Setting fire to petrol to turn the wheels of your car destroys the environment and your wallet – but perhaps not for much longer. The electric sportscar geniuses at Tesla have just unveiled the world's first electric charging network – due to be worldwide by next year – and it aims to make driving free. Well, sort of.

Tesla Superchargers, unveiled across California, are charge stations that deliver around three hours of driving (at 60mph) off a half hour charge. And for anybody who’s invested in the future and bought a Tesla Model S (with its gorgeous 17in tablet dashboard) they’ll never pay for power at a Supercharger. We’re holding out for the super-speed Model X before saying goodbye to combustion forever. But we like the sound of all that free, silent travel.

[via Engadget]

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