Driverless cars coming by 2025

Ford reckons motorized chauffeurs are only a decade away, with semi-autonomous driving available in the next few years

Cars will be driving themselves by 2025, according to Bill Ford. The boss of motoring giant Ford says that fully-autonomous cars will be taking command of the wheel in the next decade.

Prototype self-driving cars have been popping up over the last few years, although they haven't found their way into our garages yet. Google unveiled a self-driving Toyota Prius last year, but like many futuristic creations by the search giants, it hasn't got much further than a concept.

Ford is at MWC 2012 promoting the Ford B-Max, which alerts emergency services if it gets in an accident. Ford reckons this is an example of the slow transition to vehicle autonomy we'll be seeing in the next few years.

First will come cars with limited autopilot, like Volkswagen's recent creation. From 2017 Ford reckons that cars will be speaking to each other as they drive, to avoid crashes and keep traffic running smoothly. This should pave the way for the ultimate in futuristic driving: a fully-autonomous chauffeur.

If this sounds like your motoring dream, you might want to start saving the pennies now – the first few generations will be bank-breaking.

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