Drive from London to Rome on a gallon of fuel

1300 miles on a gallon of diesel, called hypermiling, is a reality coming to consumers

Hypermiling you say? Huh?

It’s a word used to describe a car that can manage ridiculous distances on shockingly small amounts of fuel. Electric cars might be a future option but with just a hundred miles on a single charge, you’re limited. Cambridge Design Partnership recently took the above car a staggering 1325 miles on a single gallon of diesel.

I want my car to do that. How?

You’ll have to lose a few mod cons first – this makes a minimalist motor look cluttered. The key is an oxygen concentrator to get the most out of the combustible air available, low friction tyres to keep on rolling freely, and most importantly a Go System that uses GPS to monitor the car’s performance and regulate the engine.

So when can we use it?

This technology is still very much in the R&D stages and won’t be appearing in consumer vehicles for several years. Saying that, Volkswagen has the Blue Motion range which manages an impressive 70mpg. Not quite the 1325mpg we’d hope for, but it’s better than a Hummer’s 8mpg.


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