Dr Dre prescribes Pill Bluetooth speakers to cure Lightning dock connector woes

The esteemed Dr provides a tonic for your ears with his latest dose of bass-heavy aural medicine

Picnics and dorm rooms are about to get a little bassier thanks to the upcoming release of these Beats Pill Bluetooth speakers – branded with Dr Dre's well-travelled Beats logo.

Shaped like a pill, this Bluetooth speaker with AUX input should offer up to 8.5 hours of portable tunes thanks to its rechargeable battery and – thanks to its four drivers – should pump up the volume while you're out and about.

And if you're planning on getting a shiny new iPhone 5, you won't have to worry about any Lightning dock connector issues either.

HMV has since taken down its purchase page but a cached copy shows a £170 price tag and a 28th September release date – although dosage instructions and side effects have yet to be confirmed.

[HMV via Engadget]

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