Download of the week – I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris by Morrissey

The latest single from Britain's Greatest Living Lyricist™ finds him on familiar ground, bemoaning lost love and searching solace in something far mor

Clocking in under three minutes, it sticks to the winning short format that made the likes of Irish Blood, English Heart and First of the Gang to Die such immense singles in their own right.

There's undoubtedly a heavy Smiths feel to I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris, with jangling, Byrds–esque guitars to make Johnny Marr weep with envy. But as ever, it's Morrissey and his personal grumbles that take centre stage. Amen to that!

You can download I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris now from all major download stores. Or just hop onto Spotify and listen to it at your leisure.