Double Fine making Kickstarter funded adventure game

A major games company building a game with your input – is this the future of game development?

We’re at a crossroads in society, one where the internet affords a mic to the masses so everyone can take part in everything (except politics proper) but that’ll come. For now, though, gaming is about to take a huge, risky step – and the company with the nethers to make the first move is Double Kick.

The well-established San Francisco gaming company wanted to make an old school action game but couldn’t convince investors it was mass-market enough. That’s where Kickstarter came in, not only to fund the project, but also to build up a group of fans who can be a part of the game building process.

So if you want to offer advice on an adventure game being made by the likes of Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert you'd better donate quick – they’re already US$265,000 over their asking amount and there are only 33 days to go. They're also filming the whole process so you won't miss anything. Get involved at Kickstarter.

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