Dodge adds in-car wireless charging to new vehicles

Wireless charging hits the road with the new Dodge Dart – you'll still need a special case for your phone, though

Wireless charging has been doing the rounds for a while now – but now it's going to hit the road, with Chrysler's Mopar division fitting charging mats into its 2013-model Dodge Dart cars.

A "charging bin" installed in front of the centre console will be available as a US$200 optional extra. It's compatible with iPhones, BlackBerrys, MP3 players, and Android-based smartphones, though you'll need to fit a specially-adapted case to your phone – sadly, Duracell's Powermat Wireless Charging Card has yet to find its way into all smartphones.

Still, this sort of tech is only going to become more common as wireless charging enters the mainstream – especially if phones like the Samsung Galaxy S III feature the technology.

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