Doctor Who is trapped in my mobile

You'll soon be able to watch British TV favourites Doctor Who and Red Dwarf on your mobile. People may, however, accuse you of being a geek

The BBC has signed a deal with mobile content provider ROK that will allow you to watch classic British sci-fi  on your phone. Just as long as it's a Nokia.

It's the first time that the BBC has licensed full-length video content for mobile phones, joining ROK's existing line-up of music videos, Aardman animations, and Spongebob Squarepants.

The BBC videos on offer are three episodes of sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf and the vintage Five Doctors episode of Doctor Who – the one with all of the Doctor Who actors up to 1983. Apart from the one who was dead. Who, just to confuse us further, is played by someone who was never a Time Lord at all. (The good news is that you won't be able to tell the difference when watching it on a postage-stamp sized screen).

The videos will be available on memory cards from Nokia shops and branches of the Choices video store. They'll set you back £18 - an eye-watering price, and that's before you've started squinting at your mobile screen.

You can find out more - and check the list of compatible phones – on ROK's website.

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