DJ Hero and Band Hero get priced up

We caught a brief glimpse of DJ Hero at E3 a couple of weeks back, DJ Shadow mixing his way to a 95 per cent score in front of a baying crowd of sweat

The US site has got DJ Hero down for $119, around £73, according to That includes the game and the turntable peripheral, which from what we've seen will take you the best part of six months to truly master.

On a separate note, Band Hero has also been primed for release, with slapping a £149 price tag down on the multi–instrument marvel. That wallet–melting cost includes drums, guitar and a microphone.

DJ Hero is due to hit shelves in October, with Band Hero following a month later in November. DJ Hero is set ot be a surefire hit, if what we saw in LA is anything to go by, especially with guitar and decks mash–ups on the cards.

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