Dixons unloads film cameras

High-street retailer Dixons has decided to stop selling film cameras, and concentrate on digital cameras. Tears are being shed at Dixons, as 35mm cameras were the first product ever sold by them.

Dixons decision to stop selling film cameras has caused a media frenzy (of sorts). But it's really acting on a market shift that began, climaxed and fell asleep some time ago.

Digital cameras are good, but professional, enthusiastic and traditionalist photographers might continue to use 'good ol' silver halide' for years yet.

What's getting headlines is the mythical situation as we see in the picture above. Miss Head-Scratcher is saying: 'But I wanted a digital camera.' To which Mr Dixons is saying: 'This is a digital camera. Well, it's a palmtop with a digital camera, but it's got to be better than one of those shonky film numbers.'

We know, and you know, that this is unlikely to happen and, in any case, what Miss Head-Scratcher should be saying is: 'Why are you still selling Sony Clie? They stopped European distribution of them last year.' To which Mr Dixons replies: 'Well, that's the joy of library images, madam. We're in a kind of time paradox, you and I.'

More on this (the demise of film cameras, not time paradoxes) on this evening's Channel 4 news (Monday August 8, 1900-2000hrs BST), where one your very own Stuff team will be live in the studio. That is, if he can decide what T-shirt to wear.