Disney turns house plant into electronic instrument

Think your blue ribbon-winning petunias are special? Allow Disney to shatter your pride with its latest botanical innovation

Researchers at Disney have found a way to meld together nature and tech by transforming an ordinary houseplant into an electronic touch-sensitive instrument.

By placing a single wire into the soil, users are able to interact with the plant while a PC monitors where and how it's being touched. Throw in some software and a multitude of different sounds and you have yourselves a funky green nature-driven instrument, with different leaves producing different sounds.

The project (dubbed Botanicus Interactus) can also be used to create a unique way of interacting with your PC, though we'd prefer the accuracy of a trusty keyboard and mouse combo any day.

Check out the video below and prepare yourself to look at your boring orchid with disdain.

[via Wired]

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