Disney Research creates paper that can generate electricity

Great for a tiny LED, not quite so good for rubbing life into a PS Vita
Disney Research Paper Power

Disney has that fairytale touch to make the mundane a little bit wonderful. It already has a “magical” microphone that allows you to inject your voice into someone’s ear through your fingertips, and as we saw last night, its spherical screens could make the next generation of dolls freakishly expressive.

Now, it's come up with a way to generate electricity with paper. How's that for some Disney magic?

Paper Power

Called a Paper Generator, this device's simple design utilises low cost materials including Teflon, conductive adhesives, wires and silver coated polyester. If you’re wondering how it works, it’s a no-brainer (for those with a brain stuffed full of knowledge about electrical engineering). The Teflon functions as an electret and when it's sandwiched between either polyester or conductive paper, you’ll be able to produce enough power to light up something like a small LED array by rubbing or tapping the paper.

There’s quite a slew of interesting applications that we can see this being implemented in, including interactive children’s books. Just don’t expect this to power anything more complicated than that since the current produced by one won't be sufficient. But if you can link together an array of paper generators and employ thousands of mice to jump on them, we might just get enough power to charge up that PS Vita of yours.

Source: Disney Research via Engadget