Dishonored hacks, slashes and shoots its way onto your screen

This Steampunk blade-wielding magic-fest is a day one purchase if these gameplay videos are anything to go by

If you weren't lucky enough to attend the hallowed gaming halls of E3 then you'll be glad to hear that Bethesda – publishers of Arkane Studios' tasty looking Dishonored – has released the title's full-length gameplay demos from E3 for your enjoyment.

Dishonored's initial gameplay trailer was impressive on its own, but the latest demo walkthrough shows off everything from brutal, bloody blade-wielding action to awesome uses of magic – including slowing down time, teleporting and even possessing rats and fish to infiltrate buildings.

Check out the second, shorter 7min gameplay demo below, and hit up Bethesda's YouTube channel for the longer, more stealth-orientated playthough of the same mission. October 12th can't come soon enough...

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