Discuss: Europe chooses mobile TV format, UK angry

The European Union makes me maaad! How dare they pick a mobile TV format without consulting the UK. Gah! Cuh! Grrrr!OK. Do you know what mobile TV is?

OK. Do you know what mobile TV is?

TV that's mobile... Like Tom Hanks’ watch in Dragnet.

No. Mobile digital TV, to give its full name, is like digital TV jnr. It’s beamed to special mobile devices letting you watch crisp, clear TV shows where ever you are.

You mean I can actually watch Four Non-Blondes and Bid Up TV anywhere? OMG! Why is this not in my face right now?

To beam this vital service to UK faces, you need two things: a special mobile and an agreed format by UK broadcasters. And the bandwidth to broadcast it all, which doesn’t exist. So choosing a format is a moot point. For now.

That’s three. Sorry. Are you going to talk even more now?

Yes. The bandwidth may exist once the analogue TV signal is switched off, freeing vital spectrum. But Ofcom will put said spectrum up for auction around London Olympics time.

Auction? So we may never get the service.

That's unlikely. Some want the spectrum used for hi-def, but it looks like that problem will be solved with Freesat.

Still, how dare Europe dictate to us.

Germany has mobile digital TV already and O2 trialled it in Ireland. They both love the DVB-H format. Sky’s UK trial used an alternative by Qualcomm. i guess Europe thinks the UK isn't getting its arse in gear fast enough.

So procrastination plus indecision equals no mobile digital TV? How will I live? Oooh, I have new episodes of Heroes on my Archos. Excuse me.