Digitise your old snaps with Film2SD's Negative Scanner

If you're anything like us Stuffers, you'll have a mountain of old snaps that you enerv look at now you can't call them up on iPhoto when you've had a

The new model now rocks a small LCD screen so you can see your pics as you feed them to it. All you need to get going as the negatives of your aging shots. Just pass them through and it will stick them onto an SD card, from where you can shove them onto a frame or your PC.

The pics themselves will come out at 5 megapixels, more than enough for the average laptop screen and plenty for frames too. Best of all it takes SD cards up to 8GB, so in theory you could bring your entire back catalogue into the 21st century in one sitting.

At just £119, we reckon it's a worthwhile investment and should give a whole new lease of life to your Facebook albums.

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Film2SD Negative Scanner

Price: £119

On sale: Now

Contact: Firebox