Digitech IPB-10 guitar pedal gets its shred on with iPad

The bill for trashing the stage at the end of your set just got £400 more expensive

Could it be that rock is finally dead? Rather than ending legendary sets by ramming guitar necks through speaker cabs, modern rockers may instead be pulling out a micro-fibre cloth and carefully wiping the singer’s spit off their shiny iPad screens.

Digitech’s IPB-10 guitar pedal board houses an iPad that – with the help of one of those ubiquitous apps – simulates 84 pedals, 54 amps and 26 speaker cabinets. Up to 10 virtual stomp boxes can be used at a time, plus you can rig it up to GarageBand to record your Monterey-worthy performance for posterity.

The Digitech IPB-10 is £500, not including the £400 you’ll have to splash out on the iPad. Well, at least the app’s free. Even if rock is dead.


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