IN-FUSIO, a publisher of games for mobiles, is hoping to tap into our now haemorrhaging nostalgia vein by bringing Etch-A-Sketch to our phones. Ready your digits for some line-art mastery

Just when we dreamt mobile-gaming was on the brink of going virtual reality, IN-FUSIO comes along and wipes the smile off our sketch board. Etch-A-Sketch, the 40 year old classic adored by all budding Mondrians, will be available to Orange customers on a variety of phones, and happily stays true to the original.

Your linear masterpieces are created using the number pad or directional arrows, and, unlike the original, you can save up to three at a time. However, as we remember it, the fun wasn't so much drawing your poor excuse for a house as watching it disappear when you shook it like Beyonce. This function is thankfully not overlooked, and is simulated in the mobile version by pressing the 0 key, causing your phone to vibrate et voila, the house comes down. Click here for Orange website.