Diablo III becomes fastest-selling PC game ever

Blizzard’s wizards have mass appeal, casting their sales spell over a record number of PC gamers

A string of impressive numbers adds up to massive sales of Blizzard’s new game, Diablo III. In our review, we described the game as “so retro, it’s cutting-edge.”

And apparently our prediction that Diablo III could have massive appeal was spot-on. The developer tells us it shifted 3.5 million copies of the game in the first 24 hours, not including 1.2 million who got a freebie with their World of Warcraft annual pass. More than 1.5 million others picked up the game in the first week, a figure that omits players in Korean game rooms – where the game has reportedly got a 40 per cent share of the market.

Good times for Blizzard then as Diablo III smashes through existing records for fastest-selling PC game. See you in Sanctuary this weekend, will we?

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