Developers call for PS3 price cut

With the much mooted PS3 price cut failing to materialise, now developers are calling on Sony to slash the price of their high–end hub and get m

According to, EA Sports Peter Moore and Alex Evans have stuck their necks out and called for the Sony console to issue a price cut in order to get units moving.

Evans said, "They've had their casual gaming audience on the PS2, and they have to translate that over to the PS3 now...that's how I see the PS3 growing. As soon as they drop the price, ho ho ho."

Aside from a suspect Santa Claus impression, Evans call echoes that of analysts who say Sony needs to slash costs soon in order to give the Xbox 360 the smackdown. Sony however, isn't playing ball, pointing to good UK sales figures, with 2 million shifted in two years.

Still, take £50 off and you're looking at a killer media centre for a price that gadget fans won't baulk at. Come on Sony, it's time.


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