Denon's SP-200USB converts your vinyl to MP3s

If you've got old favourites on vinyl that you're gagging to get on your MP3 player, the new SP-200USB from Denon will help bring your old-school into

Vinyl lovers will be able to dust off their best LPs, put them on the SP-200USB deck and have them automatically turned into ready-to-go MP3s thanks to the built-in MP3 encoder.

Once finished, your converted tracks are whizzed straight onto your connected USB memory stick at high quality and voila, you have them to listen to on-the-go – no PC required.

Of course if you do have a computer, you can use the included Trans Music Convertor software to automatically tag the songs with artist and title details, as well as separate them down into individual tracks as well.

The Denon DP-200USB is ready to revive your old music collection now, with a price tag of £199.99.