Denon unwinds AH-D7000 headphones

Life is full of tricky decisions. Take this one, for example: do you pay this month's rent and food bills, or do you buy a pair of Denon headphones ma

It's a tough one indeed, and Denon does make a good case for its 'phones. Its high-end AH-D7000 cans come stacked with large 50mm microfibre diaphragms for impressive frequency response and high strength Neodymium magnets, for starters.

Most notably, the headphone housings are sculpted from mahogany, complete with intricate internal carvings to enhance the natural tonal balance, and finished in a soft satin piano gloss. Mmmm, bankruptcy.

The AH-D7000s come in a suitably luxurious storage case, and are yours for a wallet-wilting £800.


Denon AH-D7000

Price: £799.99

On sale: Now

Contact: Denon