Denon lines up £1,600 Blu–Ray player

Ok, Denon isn't going to win any credit crunch–inspired prizes with their new Blu–Ray player. They've got the D-M37DAB for that. But the n

Denon claims it delivers their best ever pictures and sound, meaning your HD discs will look even better than they do on everyone's favourite hi–def workhorse, the PS3.

And what's more, they say that the upscaling converter inside will get your regular DVDs as near to Full HD as possible with current available technology. That makes our regular action movie days even better – especially now we can check out Last Boy Scout in HD.

Being Denon, audio is taken care of too, woth Dolby TrueHD under the hood. Ok, there's a price to pay. £1,600 to be precise. But if you're an AV nut with enough cash under the mattress, surely this has to be the Blu–Ray player of choice.


Denon DVD–3800BD

Price: £1,600

On sale: Now

Contact: Denon