Denon launches its first in-ear noise cancelling headphones

Denon is launching its first pair of in-ear noise canceling headphones. It claims the Denon AH-NC600 headphones will block out 99% of outside noise wh

The Denon AH-NC600s also cram in a load of excitingly named tech. The chunky bit on the cables is a Compressed Audio Restorer (for making shonky MP3s sound better) and a Radial Cascade Damper reduces vibration from the leads themselves.

A normal AAA battery will keep the AH-NC600s juiced up for 40 hours and the buds will act as normal earphones if the power cuts out. The case is also designed to safety store you iPhone or iPod Touch and prop it up to watch video on the go.

The Denon AH-NC600 headphones will go for £159.99 when they're released in September. We'll be getting a pair soon so look out for a hands-on and in-depth review.