Dell’s super–cheap E set for August

We’ve already heard idle talk about the new Dell E netbook, but now sources over at Digitimes have unearthed news that it’ll be strutting

The best bit? It’ll only cost $299 Stateside for 3 USB ports, an Intel Atom processor, an integrated webcam and a 1024x600 display. Obviously, this will all sit behind an Eee PC–matching 8.9in screen.

Dell’s UK suits have yet to give us the official word on pricing, but expect it come in at around the £199 mark over here. With the Eee PC 901 shifting for a hundred quid more, it’s look like we could have a good old–fashioned price war on our hands.

So, what do you reckon? Is the E really the Eee PC killer it’s made out to be? Or has Asus already got the netbook world sewn up? Let us know in the comments section.


Dell E

Price: $299 (US)

On sale: August

Contact: Dell