Dell's "Adamo" MacBook Air rival leaks out

Dell's image for hard–working but ultimately deathly dull laptops looks like it's finally going to be put to bed in 2009. The PC manufacturer is

Sadly, that date has slipped, but what Engadget has dug up is concrete plans to dub it "the world's thinnest laptop", giving Apple a hearty slap and also telling Tosh where to get off with their ultra–slim Portege R600. It's due to rock a black and silver bod', and most likely an SSD, but other than that, there's sadly no other specs doing the rounds.

Dell has however, managed to leak out a very sharp looking XPS 13 laptop, replete with leather backing, and from the looks of it two USBs, an HDMI port, VGA and Ethernet. Again, other specs remain thin on the ground.

It's a dead cert that the latter machine will take a bow over at Vegas in January and obviously we'll be there to report on it in our special CES blog. For more CES info, make sure you check out all the hottest rumours in our dedicated round–up.