Dell teases with new Adamo details

Dell has done a mighty fine job of keeping us all on tenterhooks about their slimline new laptop, Adamo. Having been given a very brief glimpse before

The PC giant has today rolled out a new official site,, where you can sign up for more info on the machine they hope will give Apple the slapdown. As ever, specs remain scant, but at least now we know they're serious about turning this out by summer as promised.

Word is the machine will come rocking a 13in screen, will be slimmer than the aforementioned Apple, but won't pack the optical drive that Toshiba says is a must in their ultra–portable Portege R600.

We're chasing Dell for any more news, so stay right here for any news as soon as we get it. For more laptop gods, check out our Top 10 now.


Dell Adamo

Price: £TBA

On sale: Summer

Contact: Adamo by Dell