Dell Streak 7 hands-on

Dell's successor to the Streak is bigger, smarter and faster. We copped a feel

So far, so tablet. Dell's seven-incher is around the same size as a Samsung Galaxy Tab but feels more pocketable thanks to the tapered edges it's borrowed off it's (now) little brother, the 5in Dell Streak.

That's a Gorilla Glass screen – good news for those precious types who like to leave the film protectors on their new gadgets' glass. It's VGA resolution, though. Dell's opted not to front its newbie with fancy display tech.

Case in point – watching Finding Nemo. Doable, but you might not relish the thought of sitting through a whole movie on this screen.

This is Dell's own skin – called Stage. It's quite nice. Whisper it, but there are echoes of Windows Phone 7's tessellated design. Best of all, if you don't like it, you can bin it.

Well, we were bored. Not really – we fired up Let's Golf to see how the Nvidia Tegra guts would do. And the dual-core 1GHz heart outperformed our virtual golf in every way. It doesn't take much.

That's the rear 5MP cam. There's a second front-facing 1.3MP number on the front. We took a solitary pic with the larger of the two and weren't disappointed by the result.

Course there's a dock...

And this is the Streak 7 on its throne. The dock will also accept the original 5in Streak.

Dell's Streak 7 will come with 16GB of on-board memory, but there's an SD card slot for expansion. There's also a SIM slot in there for the 3G version, though Dell says it'll provide a Wi-Fi-only option too. No word on prices yet, but we'd expect to hear about a release in the near future.


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